The United States can lead the world in clean, renewable energy production by using innovation to produce energy that is cleaner tomorrow than today. As Governor, I was proud to put into place the Commonwealth’s first comprehensive energy plan and I will continue to pursue that strategy in the Senate. This is not only important for our economy, but also for the health of our environment. Scientists overwhelmingly agree human activity is contributing to climate change, and I support policies that take a balanced approach to our energy security needs by developing all our resources in a safe, smart way while being mindful of impacts on public health and the environment.

The good news is the U.S. is in the midst of a domestic energy boom, and our Commonwealth is well positioned to lead in energy innovation. But these changes will not happen overnight and I respect the role traditional fossil fuel industries play in providing jobs and affordable fuel for Virginians. I support research in next generation cleaner-coal technology. In May 2014, I co-sponsored the Advanced Clean Coal Technology Investment in Our Nation (ACCTION) Act, legislation to stimulate large-scale federal and private sector investment to reduce carbon pollution through advanced clean coal technologies.

I also support the development of offshore wind turbines and the new technologies that have enabled us to expand natural gas production.  By advancing a comprehensive energy strategy, we can reduce pollution, bolster our national security and create well-paying American jobs that cannot be outsourced.


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