June 22, 2015

Answering Call From Kaine, Portman & Baldwin, President Obama Announces CTE Scholars Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Barack Obama signed an executive order recognizing U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education (CTE). The announcement came in response to a bipartisan letter from U.S. Senators Tim Kaine, Rob Portman and Tammy Baldwin urging the White House to expand the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program to commend the efforts of students who have chosen CTE pathways. Kaine, Portman and Baldwin, co-chairs of the Senate Career and Technical Education Caucus, are strong supporters of expanding CTE programs and recognizing the important role CTE has played in preparing students for a 21st century workforce.

“It’s important we send the message that CTE programs play a pivotal role in preparing students for the workforce and offer them a pathway to success,” said Kaine. “During my term as Governor, I recognized the potential of CTE students by developing nine Governor’s Career and Technical Academies in Virginia.  I applaud the President for celebrating achievements in CTE at the national level as part of the Presidential Scholars Program and I look forward to the contributions these students will make to our nation’s economy.”

“Career and Technical Education is a critical component to connecting students with open jobs,” said Portman. “In today’s competitive and dynamic job market, far too many Americans are finding that they lack the skills they need to get a good paying job, and I applaud the President for expanding the Presidential Scholars Program to recognize the success of CTE programs around the country.”

“Career and technical education provides promise for the unemployed or underemployed looking to improve their skills in order to obtain high-wage and high-skill jobs,” said Baldwin. “Our business communities have been clear on the need for a highly-trained workforce for in-demand fields and CTE provides the knowledge and skills that drive our Made in Wisconsin economy. I applaud President Obama for recognizing the critical link between helping students earn the necessary industry credentials and success in competitive workplace environments.”

The current U.S. Presidential Scholars program, which was created by President Lyndon B. Johnson by Executive Order in 1964, honors graduating high school seniors for academic excellence, artistic accomplishments, and civic contributions. Today’s executive order will expand the program to annually honor up to 20 high school students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in career and technical education fields. The first group of U.S. Presidential Scholars in CTE will be nominated in spring 2016.



WASHINGTON, D.C. – El Presidente Barack Obama firmó ayer una orden ejecutiva en reconocimiento a los Becarios Presidenciales en el ramo de educación profesional y técnica (CTE, por sus siglas en inglés). El anuncio fue una respuesta a una carta bipartidista de los Senadores Tim Kaine, Rob Portman y Tammy Baldwin en la cual le pidieron a la Casa Blanca que expandiera el programa de becarios presidenciales para incluir los esfuerzos de los estudiantes que han escogido carreras profesionales y técnicas. Kaine, Portman y Baldwin, co-presidentes del Comité de Educación Profesional y Técnica del Senado, apoyan contundentemente los programas de CTE y reconocen el papel importante que la educación profesional y técnica juega en preparar a los estudiantes para la fuerza laboral del siglo 21.

“Es importante que reconozcamos el papel fundamental que los programas CTE juegan para preparar a estudiantes para entrar a la fuerza laboral y que les ofrecen caminos que los llevan al éxito,” dijo Kaine. “Durante mi gubernatura, reconocí el potencial de los estudiantes CTE y establecí nueve academias profesionales y técnicas en Virginia. Felicito al Presidente por celebrar los logros de los programas CTE a nivel nacional y espero con ansias ver las contribuciones que estos estudiantes aportarán a la economía de nuestro país.”

El programa de becarios presidenciales actual, creado por el Presidente Lyndon B. Johnson a través de una orden ejecutiva en 1964, honra a alumnos en su último año de preparatoria por su excelencia académica, logros artísticos y contribuciones civiles. Las acciones ejecutivas de hoy ampliarán el programa para honrar anualmente hasta 20 estudiantes de preparatoria que hayan demostrado excelencia académica en áreas de educación técnica y profesional. El primer grupo de becarios presidenciales de CTE será nominado en la primavera del 2016.