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  • — by Staff
    The U.S. Department of Justice has released a new rule that aims to close a specific loophole regarding the sale of firearms. On Thursday, Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner applauded the new gun show loophole rule, which is based on the Safer Communities Act. The loophole concerns the sale of firearms online and at gun shows by private sellers without background checks. “When we passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, we secured long overdue, broadly popular provisions to keep guns out ...Continue Reading

  • — by Emily Hemphill
    Sen. Tim Kaine was in Charlottesville Monday morning to visit Piedmont Virginia Community College’s adult education center, where the Virginia Democrat said he wanted to learn how he could fine-tune legislation he’s proposed for years that would expand access to federal grants to those seeking high-quality, short-term job training programs. The students and faculty at PVCC’s Thomas Jefferson Adult Career Education facility are among those who stand to benefit from Kaine’s Jumpstart Our Businesse...Continue Reading

  • — by Colby Johnson
    Virginia U.S. Senator Tim Kaine recently helped secure federal funding for three Harrisonburg projects in the Senate’s $1.3 trillion spending bill. WHSV spoke with Sen. Kaine about the funding for the projects and the needs they’ll help address. “A million dollars for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Child Daycare Center. We’re just hearing reports all over the Commonwealth about the need for more affordable, high-quality childcare. It’s good for kids, good for parents, and good for the providers,” s...Continue Reading

  • — by James Jarvis
    After the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that embryos created via in vitro fertilization can be classified as children, Elizabeth Carr — the first U.S. baby born this way — set out to reveal the potential consequences of this decision. At a gathering in Ballston today (Friday) — surrounded by advocates, doctors and those who conceived or were conceived via IVF — Carr underscored the existential threat the ruling could pose. “IVF babies of my generation, I’ve noticed, are now having their own IVF jo...Continue Reading

  • — by Laura Vozzella
    Elizabeth Carr entered the world as a 5-pound, 12-ounce earthquake, making medical history and unleashing furious controversy in 1981 as the first American conceived in a lab. Born in Norfolk with a “Nova” documentary crewin the delivery room and armed guards in the hall, America’s first IVF baby is 42 today and no longer a novelty.About 2 percent of U.S. births and an estimated 12 million people worldwide are products of in vitro fertilization. But Carr still stands as potent symbol of that now...Continue Reading

  • — by Ezra Hercyk
    WASHINGTON D.C. (WSET) — On Tuesday, Senator Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) cosponsored the Access to Family Building Act, legislation to protect Americans’ right to access in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technology services. Sen. Kaine’s announcement comes after a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court that has already led to restricted access to IVF. “The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has opened the floodgates for draconian restrictions on reproductive free...Continue Reading

  • — by Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press Editorial Board
    Legislation to strengthen the federal program that preserves and protects historic battlefields is making its way through Congress with bipartisan support and a good chance of becoming law. Sens. Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, teamed with Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Mississippi Republican, to introduce the American Battlefield Protection Program Enhancement Act in the Senate.  Virginia’s Sen. Mark Warner is a co-sponsor. The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a similar bill. The bill woul...Continue Reading

  • — by Michael Martz
    U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., is demanding answers from the U.S. Postal Service over late delivery of hundreds of cancer screening results from military veterans to the Richmond Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which is part of the Central Virginia VA Health Care System. Kaine called on the Postal Service to explain why the results of 870 immunochemical screenings for colon cancer arrived late to the VA Medical Center, including an estimated 450 results for tests dating as far back as mid-summer t...Continue Reading

  • — by Harleigh Cupp
    Amongst the flurry of lobbying days and legislative sessions brought on by the turn of the calendar year, a bill intended to strengthen the already successful American Battlefield Protection Program was introduced to the Senate Jan. 10 by Tim Kaine representing Virginia and Cindy Hyde-Smith representing Mississippi. Rather than creating a new program, the American Battlefield Protection Program Enhancement Act of 2024 updates the existing program to further execute its mission of preserving Amer...Continue Reading

  • — by Maegan Vazquez
    Congress this week approved a measure aimed at preventing any U.S. president from unilaterally withdrawing the United States from NATO without congressional approval. Passage came amid long-standing concerns that Donald Trump may try to exit the alliance if he returns to office. The provision was included in the National Defense Authorization Act, an annual bill detailing defense policy, which was passed by the House on Thursday and is awaiting the signature of President Biden. Under the measu...Continue Reading

  • — by Michelle Smith
    Seafood is not only an important part of our economy, it’s a historical part of who we are. “Virginia has been a community of watermen and waterwomen since long before there was a Virginia,” said Senator Tim Kaine on Monday. “We want to make sure we keep you around for a very long time,” he told the heads of seafood companies who joined him in Lottsburg at Cowart Seafood to celebrate the Save Our Seafood Act. The bill aims to alleviate the struggle the seafood industry has getting seasonal worke...Continue Reading

  • — by Felicity Taylor
    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Hundreds of military promotions will finally be confirmed after Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville ended his one-man blockade. Tuberville's hold was because he was against an unrelated abortion policy. Sen. Tim Kaine pushed Tuberville for months to end his hold. Kaine said stopping promotions wouldn't just affect military readiness, but many Virginia families.A few weeks ago, Kaine debated Tuberville on the Senate floor. He made him stay late and object to each ...Continue Reading

  • — by Ezra Hercyk
    On Wednesday, Senator Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) introduced the Support for Universities and Colleges to Champion the Educational Success of Survivors (SUCCESS) Act, to help support student survivors of sexual assault and other violence. Specifically, the legislation would help improve academic outcomes for student survivors and help ensure universities and colleges have the resources to support them. “Colleges and universities have an obligation to do everything they can to prevent sexual assault o...Continue Reading

  • — by Lindsay Wise and Jennifer Calfas

  • — by Michael Martz
    U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., wants to flip the calendar on government shutdowns. With a potential shutdown looming late Saturday night, Kaine introduced legislation on Wednesday that would move the start of the federal fiscal year from Oct. 1 to Jan. 1. The bill attempts to match Congress’s customary practice of adopting a budget in December and reduce the opportunity for political threats to shut down the government by prohibiting spending for non-essential federal services. His legislation seek...Continue Reading

  • — by Anthony Adragna
    Four years after they first linked arms — forging an unlikely alliance to claw back war powers in Iraq — Democrats’ ex-vice presidential nominee and Republicans’ former Senate campaigns chief are closing in on victory. It was hardly a given that Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Todd Young (R-Ind.) would finally notch the votes and time they needed for the Senate to formally repeal Congress’ 1991 and 2002 authorizations for military action in Iraq. After all, Washington is still adjusting to divided g...Continue Reading

  • — by Michael Martz
    U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., wants to change federal law to push employees to save for their retirement. Kaine and Rep. Kathy Manning, a North Carolina Democrat, introduced the Auto Enrollment Act in both chambers of Congress on Friday to encourage employers to automatically enroll employees in workplace retirement plans unless the workers choose to opt out. Many employers already use automatic enrollment to provide a retirement savings plan to new employees, but workers often opt out, even if th...Continue Reading

  • Senator Tim Kaine received a distinguished civilian service award from Army Secretary Eric Fanning Thursday. The award was given to Kaine for his work making the military more inclusive. The senator said on Twitter that he was humbled to receive the honor.

  • — by Alex Koma
    When U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., arrived at the Greater Prince William Community Health Center in Woodbridge on Jan. 5, he was looking for more than just a tour of the facility’s narrow hallways — he was looking for some political ammunition to bring back to Washington. The former vice presidential nominee is gearing up for the first major fight of the new Congress. As Republicans ready their long-promised efforts to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, he ...Continue Reading