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Health Care

Tim believes that health care is a right. He remains committed to protecting the Affordable Care Act and improving the health care system to give all Americans access to quality health care they can afford. 

Tim supports giving Americans more options for affordable health insurance, and he has co-authored a proposal to do just that: Medicare-X. Medicare-X would create a low-cost public option for health care, available in every ZIP code, allowing Americans to choose between the existing private insurance plans or a public one. Medicare-X would build on the Medicare framework of doctors to establish a public insurance plan offered on the individual and small business health exchanges. The Medicare-X plan initially would be available in areas where there is a shortage of insurers or higher health care costs due to less competition—including rural communities—then expand to every ZIP code in the country. 

Tim believes we must do more to lower health care costs while improving the quality of care through promoting preventive care, effectively using new technology, paying our health care providers by patient outcomes, and finding ways to reduce defensive medicine and lower malpractice premiums without taking rights away from injured people. Tim opposed President Trump’s actions that sabotaged the health care system and increased costs for Virginians. Recognizing that measures are now needed to stabilize the markets in the wake of President Trump’s reckless decisions, Tim worked across the aisle on legislation to do just that. 

Tim is a strong supporter of Medicare and Medicaid — critical programs that provide health care and economic security to seniors, people with disabilities, and the most vulnerable Americans. He continues to fight against any efforts to dismantle these programs and has been a vocal supporter for Medicaid expansion in Virginia, which will provide hundreds of thousands of people with access to care. He has also introduced bipartisan legislation to help combat Alzheimer’s disease and support caregivers who sacrifice so much to help their loved ones. Tim has championed bipartisan legislation to fund pediatric cancer research, named in honor of Gabriella Miller of Loudoun County, a powerful advocate for pediatric research who passed away from a brain tumor at the age of 10. The bill became law in 2014 and has already provided $50 million for the Pediatric Research Initiative Fund.

Tim is also closely focused on the drug and opioid addiction crisis harming communities across Virginia and the nation. From the coalfields in Southwest Virginia to the suburbs in Fairfax County, he has heard from families who have lost children to drug overdoses, law enforcement officers who are facing increases in drug-related crimes, and businesses who struggle to find workers who can pass a drug test. He has introduced bipartisan legislation to help reduce opioid overdose deaths through improved access to the life-saving drug naloxone, a bill to hold the FDA accountable for the approval of new, potentially dangerous opioid drugs, and a bill to incorporate job training into drug addiction recovery programs.