Staff Directory

Washington D.C.

Mike Henry Chief of Staff  
Maha Syed Assistant to the Chief of Staff  
Keren Charles Dongo State Director  


Nick Barbash Legislative Director
Ryan Colvert Senior Defense Policy Advisor Armed Services
Tobyn Anderson Senior Legislative Assistant  
Karishma Merchant Senior Education Advisor Education, Labor, Workforce
Nicole Porreca Senior Foreign Policy Advisor Foreign Relations
Katie Wright Health Policy Advisor Health Care
Andrew Kalaris Legislative Assistant Defense, Veterans
Russel Wade Legislative Assistant Small Business, Social Security, Housing Finance
Paul Lapointe Legislative Assistant Tax and Trade, Social Security, PBGC, Pensions
Evan McWalters
Legislative Assistant
Energy, Environment & Agriculture, Indian Affairs, Telecomm, and Transportations
Adam Parkinson Legislative Fellow Armed Services
JC Jain Legislative Fellow Foreign Policy
Mayura Iyer Legislative Fellow Education and Health
Nicholas Widmyer Legislative Correspondent Health Care, Immigration
Veda Beltran Legislative Correspondent Homeland Security, Election Issues, Congress & Executive Office Reform, Science & Technology
Anna Przebinda Legislative Correspondent  Women’s Issues, LGBTQ, Education, and Labor
Guy Mentel Legislative Correspondent Foreign Policy, Defense, Armed Services, Veterans, and Economy
James Whaley Legislative Correspondent Energy, Environment, & Agriculture


Sarah Peck Communications Director  
Katie Stuntz Press Secretary  
Zachary Woodward Research Director and Writer  
Loully Saney Deputy Press Secretary  
Nebe Betre Press Assistant  


Kate McCarroll Director of Scheduling  


Kathy Wilmoth Administrative Director  
Gentry Aiken Special Assistant  
Jared Nichols Director of Correspondence and Systems Administrator  
Morgan Southers Correspondence and Database Manager  
Bailey Williams Staff Assistant  
Anne Raffaelli Staff Assistant  


Marc Cheatham Director of Constituent Services and Casework  
Sherrie Harris Executive Assistant to the Senator  
Tyee Mallory Director of Public Engagement - Academy Nominations Coordinator  
Paula Sherman Caseworker  
Karen Harris  Caseworker  
Mecca Hall  Constituent Services Representative  
Mel Borja Caseworker  

Virginia Beach

Diane Kaufman Regional Director  
Quena Dailey Constituent Services Representative  
Janet LomaxMilitary Outreach Coordinator


Laura Blevins Regional Director  


Gaston Araoz-Riveros Regional Director  
Urooj Mughal Regional Director  
Rachel Reibach Staff Assistant  


Gwen Mason Regional Director  


Gwen Mason Regional Director  
Mitchell Alexander  Staff Assistant