May 13, 2015

Kaine & Goodlatte Introduce Legislation To Help Rockingham County Day Care Center

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte introduced legislation in the Senate and House to remove federal land use restrictions on an area used by a day care center in Rockingham County.  The Plains Area Day Care Center in Broadway, VA, has provided affordable childcare for 25 years and currently provides care for 94 children, many of whom are eligible for free and reduced lunch.  The Center’s building is in need of repair and maintenance but has encountered hurdles in securing financing due to the property’s complex legal status as former federal land conveyed to Rockingham County and leased to the Center.  This legislation would remove the federal land use restrictions, ensuring that routine repairs can take place without further delay in the future. Congressman Goodlatte introduced similar legislation in the 113th Congress that passed the House of Representatives with nearly unanimous support. 

“The Plains Area Day Care Center has provided critical services to families in Rockingham County and is a beloved anchor in the community,” said Kaine. “I’m proud to partner with Congressman Goodlatte to introduce legislation that would remove land use restrictions that prevent the Plains Area Day Care Center from planning for its future in a responsible and independent way, consistent with the community’s appreciation for park land.”

“I was pleased to see the House pass my legislation in the 113th Congress, and I welcome Senator Kaine’s support as we renew this effort,” said Goodlatte. “The Plains Area Day Care Center is committed to providing high quality childcare, and the investments they are making in the community are immeasurable. For 25 years, the land has been deeded to Rockingham County, but with restriction. This legislation is simply a formality. By removing the restrictions on the land, we can ensure this community investment continues to thrive and the children in the community are well-served.”