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Kaine Discusses Small Business Issues & Economic Development At Asian-American Community Roundtable In Falls Church

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine hosted a roundtable discussion in Falls Church on Friday with Asian-American community leaders and small business owners to discuss economic issues impacting Asian-Americans, as well as the importance of building stronger U.S. trade relationships.

“Today, success in the global economy is about education and global connections,” said Kaine. “If you have global connections you’ll be stronger. A global connection can be a Dulles Airport with 409 nonstop flights or a port in Hampton Roads, but a global connection can be a person – every one of you with ties to a nation are a global connection for Virginia and global connections are key to the economy, and all of us who have ties in other nations can be economic ambassadors and promote trade and commerce.”

During the roundtable, Kaine also discussed the economic and cultural contributions of Asian-Americans to the growth and diversity of the Commonwealth.

“Many Americans are reconnecting with the idea that America is a nation of immigrants, and that’s a wonderful thing. A lot of other states look at the communities that are thriving, like Northern Virginia and others, and when you see a lot of new Americans, there’s a realization there will be a strong economy, and the Asian-American community has been a fantastic strength,” said Kaine. “Today, high income, high educational attainment, and an international and strong economy – that has been in the last generation and the Asian-American community gets huge credit for it.”

As Governor, Kaine tripled the percentage of state procurement that went to small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses.