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Kaine Statement On Shootings In Kansas

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement on yesterday’s shootings in Overland Park, Kansas:

"Passover starts tonight.  It's a remarkable and meaningful commemoration of God's protection of an oppressed and enslaved Jewish people in Egypt thousands of years ago.  All over the world, people will sit down to a Seder meal and recount the story of bondage to freedom that describes Jewish history, but also offers hope to all peoples and to all individuals.  Anne and I will participate in a neighborhood Seder that we've attended for nearly 20 years.

“The joy of Passover -- like the joy of Easter Week-- is not unalloyed happiness.  During this season, we confront hard realities of slavery, oppression, sin, betrayal and death. We were reminded of these painful realities yesterday with the horrific shootings in Kansas. The Jewish Community Center is about a mile from my parents' home and I've often been there when visiting my family in Kansas City.  It's a place open to all for education, family events, exercise and fellowship. 

“That an anti-Semitic individual would choose this place in this season to strike out and kill others is deeply tragic.  But, this week reminds us that hatred is overcome by love, that slavery is followed by freedom and death by resurrection.  I will pray for the victims and their families during dinner tonight and also pray that our society will do all we can to rid ourselves of hatred and violence."