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On Face the Nation, Kaine Praises Passage of Infrastructure Bill & Urges Passage of Pro-Child Bill

For video of Kaine’s remarks, click here

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today on CBS’s Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine applauded Friday’s House passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and urged for swift passage of the Build Back Better bill, legislation he called “the biggest pro-child bill that will have been done in the history of this country,” given its inclusion of the Child Tax Credit, universal pre-K, and affordable child care.  

During the interview, Kaine highlighted that the infrastructure bill will include “port improvements, broadband improvements, transportation, both doing good things for the economy and hiring people into good jobs.” After passing both the House and the Senate, the legislation now heads to President Biden’s desk for signature.

In pushing for passage of the Build Back Better bill, Kaine said, “I am a strong supporter of paid child and family leave, but remember this Margaret: everybody who cares about paid child and family leave also cares about the Child Tax Credit, they care about affordable child care, they care about pre-Kindergarten. And in that bucket of issues that matter to families and children, without being able to predict that everything that everyone wants will be fully funded for as long as we want – that bucket of issues for families and kids is going to be so powerful. I think this will be the biggest pro-child bill that will have been done in the history of this country. It will be to children what Social Security was to seniors. So I’m confident about that, even if some pieces of it are still being negotiated.”

Last month, Senator Kaine joined a letter pushing for the inclusion of both child care and universal pre-K in the Build Back Better bill.