March 20, 2013

Kaine Statement On Passage Of Government Funding Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement after the Senate passed a continuing appropriations bill that will fund government agencies through the end of the fiscal year. The measure was approved by a vote of 73 to 26:

“Passing government funding through the end of the fiscal year and averting yet another crisis at the end of the month is a responsible decision and another sign that both parties are ready to embrace an orderly process. It’s good for the United States, it’s good for Virginia and it represents a move to forward looking budgeting. I am particularly encouraged by the full appropriations that were included for defense and military construction, providing some relief for Virginia shipyard workers. After unfortunate delays in construction and maintenance, this will allow shipyards to move forward with construction and repairs to facilities including the USS Roosevelt and the USS Lincoln. I was also pleased the bill reinstates tuition assistance for the men and women in our military that was put in jeopardy due to the sequester.

“We cannot continue to make spending decisions based on priorities of the past. I look forward to our next chance to put the old governing by crisis playbook to rest with consideration of a full fiscal year 2014 budget beginning today."